Cartesio Fullcard was funded in 1987 as an artisanal shop specialized in cardboard processing, printing art and packaging. In over 25 five years the company has taken the experience and the knowledge from the initial artisanal work on  traditional objects and materials assembling to a higher level of Professionalism, being able to supply a complete service on companies’ image , branding and communication in a professional and innovative way. A new customer base from different Industries has joined the initial clients, mostly companies from fabric industry and furniture industry. 
Now Cartesio offers services to Companies in the textile, furniture, Ceramic Tile and Food Industries. Today Cartesio has a large and diversified knowledge; it operates in a field that has dramatically changed in the last years, becoming a fast and reliable communication channel between the companies and the end users. Cartesio Fullcard uses visual and verbal communication, direct and subliminal, 2 or 3 dimensional, in order to captivate the thoughts, desires and purchases of the end consumer.

Cartesio Fullcard is a contemporary company that bases its strength on artisanal abilities that are also the distinctive trait. Cartesio manufactures cardboard elements, gadgets and merchandising offering to clients a complete service for the realization of objects to present and sell companies products. Cartesio manages all the production phases with the attention to detail that each client expects.  Our services range from printing and plasticization to the box manufacturing.  We work with a variety of materials such as PVC, polypropylene and wood.  We also provide peculiar closing systems and the assembling of cardboard with different materials. A full service means careful, bespoke project management. The finished product, to your specifications, is our objective. With the help of fully briefed delegates, both on technical and IT solutions, Cartesio ensures that each target is met.
Cartesio Fullcard supports the relationship between contemporary and tradition throughout the development of creativity along with artisanal work and great care for details. Cartesio has made the Environmental care its Top Priority, every single project and object is realized with the lowest environmental impact possible, maximizing the use of recycled materials and sustainable sources.