Folder with removable platforms

Folder with 3 doors covered in personalized Balacron with hot stamping with silver and black foil. Removable tozzetti holder platforms with retractable magnets. Bonding of brochures in the third leaf.

Folder a 8 ante

Folder with 8 doors obtained from a single creased and die-cut plank.

Folder / counter display

Functional folder that transforms into a counter display thanks to its jointed structure. Retractable magnet closure. (CHANGE)

Gray cardboard folder for 2 cm thick pieces

Folder with 4 doors made of solid cardboard coupled externally with gray cardboard and internally with paper printed in lithography. Raw cut finish and closure with retractable magnets. Packaging in 2 cm thick pieces. (THE FACTORY)

Folder for mosaics

Folder with 2 doors covered with paper printed in lithography. Mosaic glued on removable plates thanks to Velcro strips. Flap in non-woven fabric that prevents contact between the various pieces and thus prevents the surfaces from getting damaged. (superstep)

Folder with forex spacers

Folder with 4 doors with application of 10 mm thick forex spacers with direct screen printing. (ATLAS CONCORD)

Bathroom furniture folder

Simple 3-fold folder covered with lithograph-printed paper with gluing of two small pieces in the central leaf. (NEWS)

Folder with leather effect cover

Folder with 2 doors for 40×40 cm tiles, covered with a special paper that has a leather effect both visually and to the touch. Composed of a digitally printed catalog holder niche and a lithographed flap. Personalization with hot stamping. (MIPA)

Folder with “D” ring mechanism

Folder with 4 doors with “D” ring mechanism covered with paper printed in lithography. Plastic locking hook and white strings for transport. (NEW)