Folder with ring mechanism and pocket

Folder for Jal Pari. Made of thick cardboard covered with glossy silk-screen UV printed paper. D-ring mechanism, with printed and customized cardboard cards, punched cardboard pocket and CD holder sticker.

Folder with valuable details

Folder for the Versace di Gardenia brand (ceramic sector). Made of solid cardboard, covered with lithography printed paper, with valuable details such as hot stamping and leather handle with personalized dry embossing.

Folder with rope handles

Tozzetti folder for Revolution (ceramic sector). Made of cardboard covered with lithography printed paper, with built-in niches made of microtriple punched cardboard and covered with lithographed and punched cardboard. Rope handles with transparent PVC tube.

Folder with “D” ring mechanism

Folder with 4 doors with “D” ring mechanism covered with paper printed in lithography. Plastic locking hook and white strings for transport. (NEW)

Folder with carrying handle hole

Folder with 2 doors made of cardboard covered with paper printed in lithography. Raw cut finish and carrying handle hole. (REFINE)

Folder a 6 ante

Folder with 6 doors obtained from a single creased and die-cut plank. Insertion of a multi-fold leaflet inside the folder using a Velcro strip. Application of two handles in black fabric for transport and closure strap with automatic button. (DOM CERAMICS)