Glass door planks

Glass door planks for Casali. Made of glossy black plexiglass milled with Kongsberg plotter and screen printed.

Plank for 2 cm cubes

Plank for 2 cm pieces made of cardboard covered with lithography printed paper, folded finish. Punching of the handle hole and gluing of the pieces. (KRONOS)

Plank with black honeycomb cardboard handle

Plank with handle made of black honeycomb cardboard coupled front/back to lithography printed paper, raw cut finish. Cut with cutting plotter and insertion of black PVC handle. (REX)

Plank with handle hole

Board with handle hole made of MDF coupled on the front and back with lithographed paper. Milling with rounded edges. (ARIOSTEA)

Solid cardboard plank

Plank made of cardboard covered with paper printed in lithography, finish turned up and subsequent gluing of the pieces.  

Wallpaper swatch board

Board for wallpaper samples made of digitally printed white/folded thick cardboard coupled with gray cardboard, raw cut finish. (WHITE INK)

Tozzetti tray with nickel eyelet

Tozzetti-holder board made of cardboard coupled white/fold from lithograph-printed paper, raw cut finish with rounded corners. Nickel eyelet application.

White polionda dashboard

Plank made of white polionda with white/volted silk-screen printing and subsequent gluing of the pieces. (DOUZIES)

Forex panels with right angle fold

10 mm thick forex panels with direct printing of the graphics on the material. Special 45° milling that allows a right angle fold. (KRONOS)

“Boxed” panels

“Boxed” panels made of cardboard covered with 300 gr paper printed in lithograph and die-cut. (SANT’AGOSTINO CERAMICS)

Forex plank for wall posting

Forex dashboard with direct printing. Application of two tapes with eyelet for hanging on the wall. (CERASARDA)

Plance in K-mount

Planks in K-mount (rigid and light plastic material) with direct printing. (CERDOMUS)