Display box for planks

Display box for planks for  Kronos Ceramiche. Made of solid cardboard, coupled with printed paper, packaged with tozzetti holder planks.

Box with mosaic trays

Mosaic box for CasaDolceCasa. Bottom-lid box, made of solid cardboard and covered in lithograph-printed paper. Inside, planks with a tucked-up finish on which the mosaics are glued.

Box with tray holder boards in vegetable cardboard

Tozzetti box made up of a tray and jointed band made of flat cardboard coupled with lithographed paper. Application of fabric tape for the opening of the box. Retractable magnet closure. Internal separator on the bottom of the box made of milled white forex. Tozzetti trays with eyelet made of white vegetable cardboard coupled front/back […]

Box with 2 carrying handles

Bottom-joint-lid box made of solid cardboard covered with customized white paper with hot stamping. Lid hinged at the bottom and kept in the open position by two straps. Application of 2 carrying handles. Table tops and pendants made of white vegetable cardboard coupled front/back to lithography printed paper, raw cut finish. (CERASARDA)

Box with tozzetti trays

Box with tozzetti trays, one of which can be pulled out using two strips on the sides in tone with the print, covered with lithographed paper. Closure with retractable magnets. (SILCERAMICHE)

Tozzetti box covered in uncoated paper

Tozzetti box made up of tray and articulated band plus rear tozzetti planks made of stretched cardboard coupled with unmade paper printed in lithography. Closure with retractable magnets. (FAP CERAMICHE)