Fabric sample holder

Box   tissue holder for Gianfranco Bommezzadri & C. Consisting of 4 jointed boxes, covered   both externally and internally in canvas, with two-colour silk-screen printing, satin ribbons and closure with retractable magnets.

Box with staples

Bottom-lid boxes made of straight cardboard printed directly in screen printing and die-cut. Metal stitch closure detail. (WHITE INK)

Boxes with staple closure

Tozzetti box for Brix (ceramic sector). Made of screen-printed flat cardboard, die-cut and creased, closed with staples. Inside, separators made of die-cut cardboard.

Ring box

Ring box for Gioielleria Il Brillante. Made of cardboard covered with paper printed in lithography and opaque laminated. Interior in moltoprene with cuts.

Bottom box + canvas cover

Bottom box + lid for Caffè Casavecchia  . Made of flat cardboard cut on the plotter and covered in canvas. Hot stamping of the customer logo on the lid.

Box with internal separators

Bottom-joint-lid box made of thick cardboard covered externally with canvas and internally with colored paper. Lid hinged at the bottom. Internal separators fixed to the box by means of notches made in the ledge. (IOTTI BATHROOM)

Box with removable drawer

Box with removable drawer covered in customized Balacron with white silk-screen printing. Application of black satin ribbons in the door and in the pull-out drawer. Closure with retractable magnets. (TUMIDEI FURNISHINGS)

Box with foam niche

Box with foam niche covered with black embossed paper with shiny silver hot stamping on the outside and white silk-screen printing on the inside. Closure with retractable magnets. (PAZZINI – ELICA)

Box porta-card

Card holder box made of cardboard covered with Fedrigoni Century Cotton Wove paper customized with gold hot stamping. Niche made of die-cut black cardboard. Retractable magnet closure. (LIU-JO)

Box with drawer

Box with drawer made of solid cardboard coupled with black embossed paper customized with hot stamping. Leatherette strap for drawer extraction. Non-woven bag, sewn, with “rat tail” closure. Case with round cord in black cardboard coupled with the same paper as the lining of the box and personalized with hot stamping. (GOLDENBRAT LONDON)

Havana microwave triangular box

Havana microwave box printed in four-colour screen printing. Die-cut logo and handle and particular interlocking closure on the two sides.

Balsamic vinegar bottle box

Box for balsamic vinegar bottle made up of a lithograph-printed cardboard band and embellished with gold-colored hot stamping and silk-screen glossy UV. Niche in die-cut black cardboard with seat for bottle. (MANICARDI)

Box in the shape of a house

Bottom-ledge-lid box in the shape of a house made of cardboard covered with printed paper with a UV polishing step in screen printing.

Box set

Boxes made of solid cardboard externally covered with red paper with particular silk-screen printing. Particular triangular-shaped box with “mouse tail” closure. (DUALPLAST)

Box with staples

Bottom-lid boxes made of straight cardboard printed directly in screen printing and die-cut. Metal stitch closure detail.