Scatole per bottiglie di vino

Box with lid, for one or three wine bottles, made of laminated carboard coated with black imitlin paper and customized with white silk screen print. Complete with bottle dividers. Measurements: W 13 cm, H 4,5 cm, D 11 cm

Wine bottle display

Bottle holder display, made of black cardboard coupled with lithograph-printed paper, with hot stamping with gold foil, die-cut and corded.

Bottle holder box

Bottle holder box and  chocolate holder for a Christmas strenna. Made of cardboard covered with paper printed in lithography  and hot stamping. Niche for wine bottle housing and chocolate holder compartments.  

Champagne box

MOET champagne box for Caffè Casavecchia. Box made of cardboard covered with colored paper, black hot stamping of the customer’s logo, foam niche cut with a Kongsberg plotter.

Bottle holder box

Bottle holder box for wine and creams for Cantina Ronchi. Made of cardboard covered with paper printed in lithography. Inside shaped polystyrene niche for housing a bottle of wine and other products.

Extra old balsamic vinegar bottle box

Extra Old Balsamic Vinegar Bottle Box for IT Better. Made of hand-made black cardboard, silk-screen and hot-printed with silver foil, with silk-screen UV polishing. Bottle holder niche made of die-cut black cardboard with the insertion of an elastic spoon holder.

Elegant box for wine bottle in leather and cork cardboard

Elegant wine bottle box covered in burgundy canvas and embellished with copper-colored hot stamping or in tone with the color of the canvas. Use of special materials such as leather cardboard and cork. (MARCO MONTANARI Wealther Advisor – BANCA GENERALI)