Cartesio Fullcard was founded in 1987 as a real paper converting, packaging and printing workshop. In 30 years of activity it has developed the experience and knowledge that came from the traditional processing of materials and from the creation of objects, to the point of operating today at the complete service of image and communication company, in a competent and innovative way. To the first customers in the textile and upholstered furniture companies of other product categories, from all over the world, quickly joined ceramics, to that of fashion, food and furnishings. Today Cartesio Fullcard boasts an articulated and diversified experience, it moves easily in a field of activity that has changed to become a fast and effective channel of connection between the company and the consumers. Cartesio Fullcard communicates in visual and verbal, direct and subliminal, in two and three dimensions, to induce people to think, buy, act and feel pleasure.


Cartesio Fullcard is a modern company that has made its craftsmanship the strength and distinctive feature. It produces paper products, gadgets and merchandising, offering companies a complete service in the creation of supports for the presentation and sale of their products. Printing, lamination, use of particular materials such as PVC, polypropylene or wood agglomerates, the techniques relating to box closing systems, the coupling between paper and other materials and the creation of structures that act as support for the paper converting are all phases that Cartesio Fullcard manages with attention and competence. The 360° service is, in fact, careful management of the design process, from conception to to the finished object that Cartesio Fullcard also takes care of thanks to trained collaborators both creatively and technologically


For 30 years, Cartesio Fullcard has been supporting the harmony between contemporary and tradition, the development of creativity enhanced by the craftsmanship and accuracy of the projects, it is no coincidence that the company can be inscribed in the ambit of "artistic craftsmanship". Basic it is attention to customer needs to respond with customized solutions and always unique Fundamental to Cartesio Fullcard is attention to the environment and savings energy, each of its creations is manufactured by optimizing energy consumption and using recyclable and sustainable materials as much as possible. In 2010 he replaced the 1000 square meters of Eternit roofing with a photovoltaic system that ensures them energy independence and subsequently, in 2014, replaced all the lighting of the company with LED technology. Cartesio Fullcard is always personally responsible for any errors.

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