The company's production activity is supported by a large number of manual processes that can be considered to all intents and purposes as part of the truest and most traditional craftsmanship. For this Cartesio Fullcard can boast the recognition of "Artistic Craftsmanship" attested by a commission following careful checks and verifications. Artistic handicraft activities are characterized by manual working techniques at a high technical-professional level, also with the aid of equipment but absolutely excluding working processes carried out entirely in series.



The technical/graphic department of Cartesio Fullcard offers a graphic design and layout service using professional programs. In this way it is able to develop graphic proposals, 3D and sample prototypes not far from what will be the next production. In constant contact with the customer, Cartesio Fullcard therefore studies, designs, faces and solves problems to translate the customer's idea into reality. This is a great strength that allows us to be in continuous research and development, always facing new challenges, overcoming limits and researching new materials and product manufacturing techniques to maintain that originality that has always characterized the manufacturing of Cartesio Fullcard.


Thanks to the ESKO KONGSBERG XL20 cutting plotters (worktop size 1680×1270 mm) and ESKO KONGSBERG XP44 (worktop size 2210×3200 mm) Cartesio Fullcard can cut, bend and mill rigid materials such as Plexiglass, MDF, Foam, Dibond, Re-board and all types of cardboard up to 5cm thick. This technology allows you to create any figure and develop any type of paper converting and above all optimize production by avoiding having to make expensive dies, up to quantities of about 400/500 pieces.


Cartesio Fullcard is equipped with the printing plotter with HP Latex 560 ecological latex technology (162 cm span) designed and developed by HP, which allows, with the help of a single plotter, to print on various supports and obtain a very high quality printing suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, respecting nature and saving a considerable amount of energy. Furthermore, Cartesio Fullcard uses the new Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printing plotter (42 cm light) which produces Fogra certified color proofs and the Epson Stylus Pro 9700 plotter with 110 cm light. It also has an OKI C911 laser printer that allows you to print on glossy paper, film, hot transfers and waterproof paper in high quality up to a weight of 360 g/m2.


Cartesio Fullcard has expanded its offer by acquiring the HP Scitex FB550 industrial printer (163 cm light) which allows to obtain quality results on practically any support (both rigid and flexible) up to a thickness of 64 mm. Using white ink allows you to print on dark or black media


Cartesio Fullcard is equipped with a new professional calender with double liner rewinder designed to meet very technical needs, suitable for both cold and hot processing. Useful light 160 cm, max thickness 45 mm.


Particular care and attention are paid to the creation of hot lamination works (with gold, silver, etc.) even on large formats and already cardboard-bound products, to have, in this case, an even more evident final effect. Once the cliché has been created, it is possible to choose from a vast range of lamination color samples, or to make the so-called "dry" impression by engraving logos and texts without further foil.


In order to provide the customer with a finished and personalized product, Cartesio Fullcard is there equipped with a pad printer that allows, for example, to personalize i small pieces with direct printing.


Cartesio Fullcard offers a cut-tozzetti service starting from any size of tileImage


Some of the various processes that are carried out within the company:
• the coupling of paper and cardboard both manually and automatically, with complete lines including endpapers in a maximum format of 70×140 and 100×140;
• creasing;
• assembly of eyelets;
• assembly of ring mechanisms;
• forming and wrapping of boxes and cartons;
• application of metallic and non-metallic small parts, such as handles, ribbons, clips, magnets, etc.;
• gluing tozzetti;
• single blister.



Cartesio Fullcard has, within its structure, a real photographic set dedicated to all those customers who wish to photograph their objects, samples and finishes of their materials, with quality, brightness and definition of a professional level. The direct management and control of all the documentation phases of small and medium-sized objects is managed in a manner agreed with the customer and results in the optimization of both implementation times and costs. In the case of large objects, collaboration with external photographic studios, which work continuously with Cartesio Fullcard, to provide a valid service with the same quality.