Floor display for Italiana Assicurazioni. Made of microtriple cardboard coupled with digitally printed vinyl and worked with a Kongsberg cutting plotter.

Shaped floor display

Production of floor display for Ghepard, with crowner in shaped Forex cut on the plotter and microtriple die-cut cardboard, easy to assemble, for the travel accessories sector.

Lenticular totem with double-sided crowner

Lenticular totem for Wellness Italy. Made of lithographed cardboard with spacers placed inside, double-sided crowner, brochure holder pocket. Supplied folded in half.

Triangle display totem

Triangle display  totem for Ghepard travel accessories. Made of die-cut microwave cardboard, application of plastic hooks, shaped crowner with the customer’s logo.

Self-supporting lenticular totem

Freestanding lenticular totem for Samsung. Made of lithographed cardboard, with  double-sided crowner and brochure holder pockets. Supplied closed folded in half, easy to assemble.

Floor display for samples

Floor display for Casa Mood (ceramic sector). Made of cardboard and microwave with the purpose of hosting and displaying samples of ceramic products in the point of sale. Contoured crowner, removable planks with eyelets and fabric handles.

Exhibitor with inclined drawers

Exhibitor for Vitarelax. Made of reboard honeycomb cardboard coupled with digitally printed matt vinyl and cut with a Kongsberg plotter. Drawers made of cardboard covered with printed paper. MDF base with wheels.

Basket cover with crowner

Copricesta con crowner per Sony. Made of microtriple cardboard coupled with paper printed in lithography and glossy laminated, die-cut. Double-sided crowner in microtriple cardboard coupled with printed and die-cut paper, raw cut finish. Supplied closed folded in half, easy to assemble.

Triangular shaped totem

Triangular shaped self-supporting totem, shaped with interlocking pockets made of microtriple coupled with digitally printed paper and cut with a Kongsberg plotter. Supplied flat and simple to assemble. (LIVORNO AQUARIUM)

Synoptic for 80×180 tile

Synoptic for 80×180 cm tile made of black honeycomb cardboard with digital printing. Foot in black painted metal screwed to the panel. (COOKED)