Pannellatura in forex 6×5 metri

VERBA VOLANT, SCRIPTAMANENT Words fly, writngs remain We wanted to make a durable special thanks, as a tangible sign of gratitude towards those who sacrificed themselves during COVID-19 emergency. This 6×5 meters billboard was fixed on one of the walls of Cartesio Fullcard headquarters. It is lit every night with the colors of the Italian […]

Coffee box with infuser

Box dedicated to coffee tasting and culture. Coffee box with  infuser, and side drawers for aromas and planning. Made of cardboard, covered in canvas, niches with crystal cover in which coffee beans, retractable magnets and cotton tapes are enclosed.

Cottage “solar energy”

The house as an icon of one’s own feeling. The creation of the new photovoltaic roof of the Cartesio Fullcard was an opportunity to reaffirm the values ​​of the company and its concrete daily action. Cottage “solar energy”. Made of stretched cardboard,  covered with silk-screen printed canvas, retractable magnets, sliding drawers to house customized moleskine, […]

Wine bottle display

Bottle holder display, made of black cardboard coupled with lithograph-printed paper, with hot stamping with gold foil, die-cut and corded.

“Microgarden” calendar

The garden at your fingertips. “Green” aesthetics and fresh flavors: in a small space, on your windowsill, always ready spices, freshly picked and a pinch of joy. Agenda box with “microgarden” calendar. Made of cardboard covered with digitally printed canvas, embossing, crystal cover, concealed closure with magnets and silk ribbon.

Pan for piadina from Romagna

The ancient tradition of handmade “piadina romagnola” cooked on a natural terracotta “teglia”. Box made with layers of Havana reboard honeycomb cardboard, coupled with lithography printed paper and cut with our cutting plotters. It is divided into sliding shelves fixed to a wooden pin that recalls a “rolling pin”, with various slots for a Montetiffi […]

Agenda box

Diary holder box, made of thick cardboard covered in hot stamped canvas. Satin ribbon and closure with hidden magnets. Diary and moleskine niche made of cardboard. Embossing of the logo on the leather cover of the diary and moleskine.

LED lantern

It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. To shed light on the dark moments of recent years, we have chosen to adopt LED technology to light up the whole company with a view to continuous renewal. The real revolution for us is in simplicity, which is contained in […]

PLAY your music

We all know how important music is, it can be considered as a means to be able to momentarily get away from real problems for a peaceful world where one can find serenity. We have therefore chosen to create an original product that has received numerous appreciations, a modern reinterpretation of the Tivoli radio, with […]

Team building 2018 – CARTIBOAT

Working as a team means having an invaluable “heritage” made up of energies, skills, ideas, visions, proposals and different solutions. Do not underestimate the pleasure that can derive from a success to be shared with others, such as that resulting from CARTIBOAT, a team building project which involved all 26 company employees. Boat made entirely […]

SIMEI 2019 stand

Our stand at the 2019 SIMEI fair. Made of havana reboard honeycomb cardboard punched with Kongsberg cutting plotter.

Protective visor VP20

Protective visor (VP20) From 22/05/2020 PPE certified in CAT. II EN 166:2001   TR24 service: Emilia-Romagna TGR service:   Protective visors can be purchased on our e-commerce site For orders over 100 pcs, please send an e-mail with your request to the address For orders over 1000 pcs it is possible […]

Protective visors: the comparison with masks (Corriere della Sera article)

Interesting article that highlights the positive aspects of using protective visors: easy to disinfect, reusable and recyclable. They are comfortable to wear, protect the airways and prevent the wearer from touching their face. They also allow you to speak by allowing you to see facial expressions and lip movements. They could be an alternative (or […]

Wind shield for children

Wind shield for children from 6 to 12 years (VPJ20) • It is not a toy; • Not suitable for healthcare or workplace use; • It does not constitute a Medical Device and/or Personal Protective Equipment. It can be purchased on our e-commerce site

Cannibal Oak panel

The oak is a long-lived tree and belongs to the strongest plant species: it symbolizes strength, longevity, hardness, tenacity. All qualities that, especially in recent years, we have rediscovered to be of fundamental importance.   We thus wanted to celebrate the end of a year dedicated to the rediscovery of “simple” values, of Nature and […]


[Verba volant, scripta manent] [Words fly, writings remain] We wanted to give a special thank you that will remain over time, as a tangible sign of gratitude to those who sacrificed so much during the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency. This 6×5 meter panel was affixed to a wall of the Cartesio Fullcard headquarters and is illuminated […]