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LED lantern

Dimensions: L 16 – A 16 – P 16 cm

It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. To shed light on the dark moments of recent years,
we have chosen to adopt LED technology to light up the whole company with a view to continuous renewal. The real revolution for us is in simplicity, which is contained in the sensitivity of sustainability, in the continuous research we do on our projects and in the quality that we can continuously offer you.

Box made of solid cardboard, die-cut and embossed, closed with staples. Moleskine pocket made of plotter-cut flat cardboard with hot stamping. Hinged lid with canvas. Moleskine and planning coordinated with the gadget, with embossing on flat cardboard. Inside niche for jar with panettoncino and battery LED for use as a lantern. Coordinated shopper with gray screen print.

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